Systemic Constellations in the Court Room

Segue a tradução para o inglês do artigo Constelações Familiares na Vara de Família viabilizam acordos em 91% dos processos, publicado em

Oxford Institute of Systemic Constellations – OxISC, no link, incluindo o texto introdutório da autora do blog, Silvia Siret, e a referência ao tradutor – ‘Yishai Gaster‘ kindly wrote the translation of a Facebook post by Sami Storch in English on Facebook.

By Silvia Siret

This is fascinating, and I only found out about this now, reading through my Facebook timeline. I strongly feel like sharing this with the world:

In Bahia, Brazil, a judge integrated Family (Systemic) Constellations in the court room. Here is a very interesting video where this man, Sami Storch, reports about this unique venture on stage (with German and English translation):

Yishai Gaster‘ kindly wrote the translation of a Facebook post by Sami Storch in English on Facebook:

Family Constellations in the Family Court allow settlements in 91% of cases
Posted on 03/19/2014 by ‘Sami Storch








Experiential Lecture “separation of couples, children and the bond that never falls apart”

In this post, I want to report some results observed with the application of the family constellations in the Family Court of the District of Castro Alves / BA, from October 2012 to June 2013.

We held six events (experiential talks) with the theme “Separation of couples, children and the bond that never falls apart”, with the participation of people involved in lawsuits in the family area.

These events begin with a lecture given by me on family systemic links, the causes of crises in relationships, and the best way to deal with it, especially in order to preserve the healthy development of children. Then a meditation is done, by which people come into contact with the true feeling of love and loss resulting from the family crisis. Then they can experience the method of family constellations – “constellating” their own family issue, participating in the constellation of another person as the representative of one of the family or just as observers.

In the family constellation, a person proposes to “look” for his own family system. Then representatives are chosen from among those present for this person and for the members of his family. Throughout the work, these representatives begin to express feelings that translate the hidden dynamics in the relationships in this family, often coming to the origins of the crises and difficulties faced, which may be related to facts that have occurred in each family’s past (including generations Above). They can also observe which movements and postures lead to a solution.

CONCILIATION WHIP: A few weeks after the lectures, we held a reconciliation effort, in which a large part of the audience involved one or more parties that participated in the experiential lecture of family constellations.

During these hearings, the conciliators found it easier to reconcile in cases where one or both parties experienced the event of family constellations.

In addition, we applied questionnaires to evaluate the effects of the event, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The results have shown how positive the effects of this work are on each of the parties involved and their families, as well as on the human relations with which we deal with everyday forensics.

RESULTS: Of the 90 hearings of the processes in which at least one of the parties participated in the experience of constellations, the conciliation index was 91%; In the others, was 73%. In the processes in which both parties participated in the experience of constellations, the agreement index was 100%.

In addition, the conciliators reported an extraordinary facility for conciliation between people who participated in the constellation event, who were already willing to compromise.

Through questionnaires answered after the conciliation hearing by 80 people who participated in the constellation experiences during the first semester of 2013, we obtained the following answers:

Fifty-nine percent of the people said they had noticed, from the talk, a change in the behavior of the parent of their child that improved the relationship between the parties.

For 28.9%, the change was considerable or a lot.

59% said that the talk helped or facilitated the settlement agreement during the hearing.

For 27%, it helped considerably. For 20.9%, it helped a lot.

77 percent said the talk helped improve conversations between parents about custody, visitation, money, and other decisions regarding the child of the parties. For 41%, the aid was considerable; For another 15.5%, helped a lot.

71% said they had improved their relationship with the child’s father / mother after the talk. It improved considerably to 26.8% and much to 12.2%.

94.5% reported improvement in their relationship with their child. It improved greatly to 48.8%, and considerably to another 30.4%. Only 4 people (4.8%) did not notice this improvement.

76.8% noted improvement in their child’s parent’s relationship with him / her. This improvement was considerable in 41.5% of the cases and much to 9.8% of the cases.
In addition, 55% of people said that since the experience of family constellations felt calmer to deal with the subject, 45% said they have diminished heartache; 33% said that it was easier to dialogue with the other person; 36% said that they came to respect the other person more and understand their difficulties; And 24% said that the other person involved respected him more.

REFLECTIVE EFFECTS: in addition to increasing the number of agreements and facilitating effective understanding between the parties, these practices have generated a change in the culture of the region, especially in the view of lawyers and justice servers in relation to conflicts / actions.

Lawyers have also been touched by the constellations, assimilating the systemic view, assuming a more conciliatory position and standing as aids to justice in actions.
The conciliation movement in the region in 2013, which included the lectures and the conciliation hearings, awakened the commitment of the servants, lawyers and several other people of the community, who voluntarily assisted in forensic work, encouraged by the resulting positive climate Of the work done.”

This is the original post on Sami Storch’s Blog, in Portuguese:

Sobre Sami Storch

Juiz de Direito no Estado da Bahia, atualmente em exercício na Comarca de Itabuna. Graduado na Faculdade de Direito da USP, Mestrado em Administração Pública e Governo (EAESP-FGV/SP) e Doutorando em Direito na PUC-SP, com tese em desenvolvimento sobre o tema "Direito Sistêmico: a resolução de conflitos por meio da abordagem sistêmica fenomenológica das constelações familiares". Cursei diversos cursos de formação e treinamentos em Constelações Sistêmicas Familiares e Organizacionais segundo Bert Hellinger e hoje coordeno e leciono no Curso de Pós-Graduação Hellingerschule de Direito Sistêmico pela Faculdade Innovare. Desde 2006, venho ministrando palestras e workshops de constelações familiares e obtendo altos índices de conciliações com a utilização dos princípios e técnicas das constelações sistêmicas para a resolução de conflitos na Justiça. Meu foco é a aplicação prática, no exercício das atividades judicantes, dos conhecimentos e técnicas das constelações familiares. O objetivo é utilizar a força do cargo de juiz para auxiliar na busca de soluções que não apenas terminem o processo judicial, mas que realmente resolvam os conflitos, trazendo paz ao sistema. Contato:
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